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1)Pumpkin must be under 12 pounds, excluding wheels and chassis. Pumpkins may be hollowed out to meet weight. All manner of kid-appropriate dressed pumpkins welcome. 2) Pumpkin must be attached to wheels with screws or bolts or other means that penetrate and tightly secure the pumpkin to the wheels. All pumpkins must pass the  “wobble” test in order to race. No rogue pumpkins! 3)Pumpkins will be gravity powered only. No assists of any kind allowed. 4) Pumpkins may not include flammable or hazardous materials of any kind.
Pumpkin Rules
GREAT PUMPKIN RACE Saturday, October 25th, 2015 Corner of 18th and Madison - Spokane, WA 99203 Registration at 11:00, Race begins at 12:00 noon
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